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A Woman's Write Novel Contest


By Women, for Women

A Woman's Write Novel Contest


By Women, for Women

A Woman's Write Novel Contest


By Women, for Women

A Woman's Write Novel Contest


By Women, for Women

A Woman's Write Novel Contest


By Women, for Women

A Woman's Write Novel Contest


By Women, for Women









We are more interested in a good story well told and a point well made than in attempts to sound literary or poetic. Make us love or hate your characters, believe or disbelieve your thesis, by your excellent prose composition. Get us involved in the narrative, or interested in the facts, by moving us skillfully from point A to point B.


Read the instructions carefully and submit accordingly. Inattention to detail can result in disqualification. The editors of AWW are themselves contest entrants (and occasional winners) and are well acquainted with the frustrations of getting it wrong and kicking oneself for having gotten it wrong. Please, read. Questions?


Important: Contestants should be women 18 or older writing in English. Submitting your entry certifies that you are eligible, and that all work submitted is your own. Entry fees are non-refundable and are payable only through PayPal. Judge's decisions are final.





AWW Unpublished Novel Contest: 

One award of $500.00 will be awarded to the fiction book judged best by our judges. Winner will also receive a certificate and notification on the AWW website.


Editors may at their discretion award an "Honorable Mention Prize" to include a certificate, refund of the $40 fee, and notification on the AWW website. 

All initial submissions will receive a fair, thorough, thoughtful critique within one month unless otherwise specified. The critique will include line edits in the first ten pages of the manuscript, plus a developmental analysis including explanations of line edits, commentary on characters, plot, and recommended changes. Resubmissions do not receive a critique. 




Instructions for Submissions:


1. Entry fee is $40.00, to be paid via PayPal, for all submissions and includes a thorough, thoughtful critique with up to ten pages of line editing comments and corrections. You will be given an opinion and suggestions about character and plot development/ logic and rationale. 




2. After receiving your critique, you may RESUBMIT the first 50 pages, having applied changes based on our comments and suggestions. This resubmission will be accompanied by a $20.00 reading fee, to be paid via PayPal, and represents your final entry into the competition. Resubmissions can only be made for each contest year and must be received by November 30 of that year. 




All inquiries about payment or any aspect of the competition should be addressed to

Entries submitted initially for critique will be judged as sent if not resubmitted. Resubmissions will be judged as the final entry in place of the original entry, with no exceptions.



2. SUBMIT ONLY THE FIRST 50 PAGES OF YOUR BOOK as a Microsoft Word document (the file extension should be .doc or doc.x), font size 12 points, Times New Roman, double spacing, "Normal" margins (1 inch on all sides). Put the author's last name at the top left and page numbers on the top right of every page.


3.In a separate document, send a detailed, chapter-by-chapter plot synopsis for the entire book, up to two single-spaced pages.


4. All work must be accompanied by a one-page cover letter (email) that includes the statement: "I understand and agree to comply with all contest rules and instructions." The letter must also include a brief biography of the author, with full name, mailing address, email and phone number.


5. Do NOT include: cover page, table of contents, illustrations, decorations, or special fonts. Send 50 pages full of your good writing. Avoid long spacing between chapters to show us more of what you want to say. 


6. Absolutely no gratuitous pornography or any material that is intentionally degrading to any group will be accepted. Keep four-letter words to a minimum -- our staff is easily embarrassed.


A book, for purposes of this competition, should be at least 60,000 words. Entries to the competition must be sent no later than midnight November 30 annually. Critiques will be sent by email within one month of receipt of work. Prize winner will be informed no later than 45 days from the closing date of the competition.

In the case of a tie in the final judging process, you may be asked to submit the complete novel electronically. Judges will advise you if this is the case. (Failure to submit the complete book on request within one week is grounds for disqualification.)




We respect the self-publishing and conventional publishing industries and our authors' aspirations. That's why, with our critique and communication with authors we hope to take them closer to that goal  -- but our contest is now and has always been for unpublished manuscripts only. PLEASE NOTE: Writers retain all rights to their submitted works.

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