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AWW News

2014 A Woman's Write Award Winner Has Been Selected!

We are very excited this year because we have entries from all over the world, so A Woman's Write has truly become A Woman's International Write!

Our authors this year come from across the United States -- and from Canada, India, the UK, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, and Slovenia. There is a great variety among the women who send their work to us: some are young women writing a first book; some are experienced non-fiction writers having a go at fiction; some have advanced degrees in Creative Writing or Journalism; some tell us that they are older, in their seventies or eighties, still keen to produce and create. We are overwhelmed by the support our competition receives, the notes of thanks and the feeling of trust we get from those who send their work to us, the sense that we are helping new and practiced writers hone their skills.

Through our critique process at A Woman's Write, there is a chance for dialogue with an understanding professional who cares about what you go through to complete a novel, from plotting to characterizations, to setting, tone and theme.

This year, as always, the judging was tough, but the decision has now been made. We are pleased to tell our many supporters and contributors, authors and fans, that our judges have selected the winner of the 2014 A Woman's Write novel competition, along with two winners of our Honorable Distinction Award.

Penny Baird wins the $500 prize and certificate for A Strange Psychosis

Penny is English, resides in London, teaches piano, and has written one non-fiction book. Recently she decided to explore the wonderful world of fiction writing. A Strange Psychosis depicts a woman's revenge on an unfaithful husband, with an over-arching mega-twist: the woman is dead, but inhabits a younger woman's body -- one of those hospital switch stories, but with a psychic (or psychotic?) overlay that will keep you guessing along with the heroine. The well-constructed plot is intriguing enough to make you think -- what if? -- and intelligently amusing enough to make you wish you were the heroine, suddenly on the brink of a new, get-to-do-it-over life with a fully functioning physique​​. Honestly, we'd never read anything quite like it.

We congratulate Penny on her ​prodigious imaginative powers. Penny confides, "I feel that A Strange Psychosis would make a fair four part television drama but have never attempted that kind of thing." We agree -- and hope that our award will encourage Penny to move ahead with her plans to promote her multilayered creation.

The Honorable Distinction Certificate goes to Naseem Jamnia for Neverland's Children and Joyce Pfeiffer for Colliding Fates!

Congratulations to all our participants!

The new A Woman's Write Novel Writing Competition will begin accepting submissions on January 1, 2015, ending November 30, 2015.

The Good Read Novel Competition 2013 winner

CONGRATULATIONS to winner Anneliese Schultz, author of a young adult tale, Distant Dream!

Our 2013 Good Read Novel Competition winner is Anneliese Schultz, for a young adult tale, Distant Dream, which will captivate adult readers, too; her story comes dripping and pelting out of the latest scary predictions about global warming. She has created a world-wide crisis scenario that is discouraging, frustrating and downright dangerous, especially if you are a fifteen-going-on-twenty-five-year-old female, stuck in the mud and longing for adventure after all your modern conveniences have drained away in the storms.

A U.S. citizen and former Bread Loaf Scholar, Anneliese Schultz lectures in Italian at UBC, where she also completed her MA in Italian and MFA in Creative Writing. Her fiction has been recognized by the Toronto Star, New York Stories, Ruminate, Snake Nation, Wild Leaf and WriteCorner presses, and the Heekin Group Foundation, and published in several anthologies. The winner of the 2013 Enizagam Literary Award in Fiction, her story “Child” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

See our Winners page for more details.

View past winners on ourWinners page, and see the Success Stories page for publishing news from our entrants and editors.

Editing & reviewing services

As many of you already know, the one who takes the prize in our Good Read competition is not the only winner at A Woman’s Write. A large percentage of our entrants go on to publication, and we like to think that our critiques give them a pat on the back (or a kick in the pants) that helps steer them toward that success. Sometimes one of our contestants will come back to us for full editing services -- offered at absurdly low prices -- professional assistance and that extra pair of eagle eyes that can make her book shine when it reaches a publisher’s desktop.

Please ask about our price structure for editing, opinion/analysis, and reviewing services. Our rates even go down with second or third books! Who else does that?

The Good Read Novel Competition enters a new year

At A Woman's Write, we want to give new or as yet unrecognized writers a chance to have their work read and analyzed, along an a opportunity to win a significant cash prize to assist in furthering their creative ambitions.

Here's how it works:

Submit the first 75 pages of your unpublished novel to our Good Read competition, along with a $40 fee. Within a few weeks you will receive a thorough, thoughtful critique with editing comments and corrections. You will be given an opinion about character and plot development.

You then have the option to resubmit the entire novel, having applied changes based on our comments and suggestions. This resubmission will be accompanied by a $20 reading fee and represents your final entry into the competition.

Entries submitted initially for critique will be judged if not resubmitted. Resubmissions will be judged as the final entry in place of the original entry, with no exceptions.

This lower fee scale including critique will, we hope, serve as a motivation to all writers in these economically pressing times to send their work for a professional analysis, with the further incentive to make an effort to improve the work -- and the possibility of winning $500.

The Good Read competition runs yearly from January 1 until November 30. December will be a closed month in which judging will take place after all entries have been read and critiqued. A winner will be announced on January 1.

We have been rewarded many times over by our entrants who write and thank us for our incisive and helpful comments and edits. Some of our authors have gone on to win other awards and to get published. This makes us believe that at A Woman's Write, we are doing something right for women.

Please read the rules thoroughly, and send us your entry to the Good Read novel competition.

If you have a memoir or other non-fiction prose work you would like to have us read, please follow the instructions for entering the Good Read fiction competition (send the first 75 pages, a short but thorough synopsis and a cover letter) and pay that fee. Your accompanying letter will inform us that it is non-fiction, not for the competition. You will receive a thoughtful developmental critique and ten pages of line editing to highlight errors of grammar, punctuation and point of view, if any.