What I do

• Read your book with a cheerful hopeful attitude, like you would.


• Relentlessly hunt down grammatical errors, syntactical flaws, repetitions, and inconsistencies of plot and character.


• Offer substantive suggestions about how to make the book better.


• Turn your book from a personal, subjective project into an attractive, highly readable potentially saleable product -- no matter what its genre. 


• Show you how to use words to their best effect. 


By Women,

For Women

About AWW Lead Editor
Barbara Bamberger Scott



I'm an award-winning writer and professional book reviewer who runs A Woman's Write. Every year I read hundreds of books, from newly released best-sellers to unpublished "first novels." I critique, review, edit about 100 books a year, and I have yet to lose my passion or my edge for exploring new stories and meeting new writers. 


I'm a published author/co-author. I write reviews for The US Review of Books, BlueInk,  Self Publishing Reviews, Book Reporter, and Pacific Reviews. I write lengthy articles on homesteading-related subjects Homestead.org. I've won numerous prizes from online writing competitions and small magazines, as well as two from the prestigious Writers Digest. 


I am a copy/developmental editor. My rates are competitively low; my work combines (1) detailed line editing and (2) a well-considered opinion. You can opt for both or either.


To me, editing is a sweat-lodge experience: I walk with the characters, I think with the author, and I fly high above both looking for danger signs and clearer pathways.


Writers who've gotten my editorial opinion say:


"I can't thank you enough for heading me in the right direction. Having your input is like the light shining through the clouds."

"Thank you! Not only was your critique thorough and very helpful, I'm also amazed at how quickly it was done."

"I had a sense about some of the problem areas you pointed out, while others I had not considered. I will definitely be revising per your suggestions."

"A couple of years ago, I resurrected an old manuscript gathering dust and entered A Woman’s Write novel writing contest hours before its deadline. Due to my lateness or a computer snafu, my entry got lost in cyberspace. Thankfully the electronic mishap led me to Barbara Bamberger Scott. I truly cannot praise Barbara enough. She is an editor who empathizes with authors, lives inside the minds of characters to make sure they stay in their roles, and always comes up with an idea to enhance the storyline. She guided me through every step of the novel writing process from line-editing to extraordinary character building and plot development."

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