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We are a consortium of women who write. We've lived, and we value and understand the contribution women make to the world of the arts, especially the art of the practical and the improbable. 





About Us
We know what it's like to feel undervalued and alone, and occasionally to revel in the sense of woman's power and wild exultant truth. We've been on pilgrimages both by airplane and inner planes, looking for our own personal piece of the spiritual landscape, and we've enjoyed the excesses of the physical when we could. We've watched our children (and in some cases our grandchildren) growing and becoming. We've fought the good fight with incorrigible husbands, partners, and lovers. And we've had the pleasure of putting it on paper in our different ways as amateur and professional writers.

Kristan Ryan
Kris says:
"I was ten years old before I realized that all children weren't chased home from school by camels--that was when I landed in my mother's hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia. As a military brat, I spent my early years growing up in Germany and outside of Casablanca, Morocco, where I read every Nancy Drew Mystery my parents could import. I'm a produced and published playwright and writer but now run my own business as a professional artist who’s major art project also contains the story next to it about the anger of each person painted. This art project is called “Angry Females Done Swallowing Our Words”.  I now live in Athens, Georgia, after working in Northern China for 4.5 years.  My first novel Strange Angels: The Book of Damaris was published in 2004 followed by The Hair Princess and The Hog Temple Incident in 2006. I am currently working on a book about the experiences of women who were vocational students and their experiences that changed their lives dramatically.

Writing tips:
As well as being a writer who reads her work in public, I have also taught verbal communications to college students and required them to give speeches and to read their essays and poems in front of an audience. I have found that my students often make some of the same mistakes I've seen writers make at book signings when reading excerpts from their novels, so I thought I'd give you some of the tips once we work together. If you are already familiar with these tips and think I'm an idiot for mentioning these things, then let me apologize in advance. If not, take the advice you feel you need once we work together and leave the rest.
Kristan is the Lead Editor for A Woman's Write.

Barbara Bamberger Scott
Barbara says:
Barbara started A Woman's Write because she herself is an avid fan of writing contests. The first time she paid to enter a contest that offered a critique, she was disappointed - it was brief, non-specific and unhelpful. Now it is a central principle of A Woman's Write to create a THOROUGH, THOUGHTFUL, PRACTICAL critique for all submitters. This service has garnered much appreciation over the 15 years of our online presence. 
Barbara reviews books on the worldwide web, and her articles can be seen at See more about her review services on our Review Services page.

Writing tip:
Write something new every day

Rebekah Spivey   
Rebekah says:
Rebekah studied creative writing and sociology at Indiana University. She has lived and worked on the Isle of Mull in Scotland. She is a lifelong writer and lover of words who has co-created and led a group called Poetry Detectives, an informal group that discusses poetry in a non-academic way in order to make the genre more approachable.  She has a seventeen-year association with Women Writing for Change,  Bloomington, a group that supports giving every person a voice through writing. Rebekah has been a certified facilitator with Women Writing since 2013 and currently facilitates a semester-long virtual class. She has coordinated a Women Writing for Change retreat on the Isle of Iona off the west coast of Scotland, and facilitates winter writing retreats for Women Writing. 
Rebekah retired in 2012 from The Indiana Daily Student newspaper at IU after seventeen years as part of the professional and editorial staff. She will be publishing her first novel in 2024. 


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